• Electronic  Tuning

• Performance Gains

• Economy Gains


A Performance Remap results in better response from the engine, with increased torque and power of up to 30%. Throttle response will be improved and the rev range will be smoother, making for both a more enjoyable and safer driving experience such as easier overtakes and motorway performance.


With our Economy Remap,most vehicles can achieve a lower rev range, resulting in fuel savings of up to 15%. During normal driving, fuel economy will tend to be better which not only decreases the cost of fuel that you will have to pay, but it also minimises your carbon foot print.Ideal for vehicle fleets and commuters.


Alternatively some people prefer a blend of both of our performance and economy remaps, which results in smaller gains to both power and economy throughout the performance of your engine.

What is ECU Remapping?


The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a small computer which runs the engine and controls ignition

timing, air/fuel mixture and imposes limits on speed and revs.

These variables are displayed as a ‘map’ and can usually be modified via OBD (On Board Diagnostics) programming without needing to remove the ECU from a vehicle. This process is known as remapping.

What We Do

Here at Automatic Transmissions, having been specialists in Automatic Gearboxes for over 30 years, we have now teamed up with industry experts, Top Gear Tuning to provide a comprehensive Engine Re-mapping service which can significantly improve your vehicle engine’s performance in terms of output, economy or a blend of both. For more information please call us today on 01484 426243

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Why Automatic Transmissions?

Here at Automatic Transmissions we work with TopGear Tuning, an established department of the multi-national, industry-leading company
TopGear Limited.

TopGear has been heavily involved in all areas of the automotive industry for over three decades and own the two largest exhaust franchises in Europe; Longlife and Powerflow Exhausts. Unlike generic maps sold from unaccountable (and often unreachable) mobile dealers, all of our re-maps are custom written for our customers and we have the utmost confidence in our equipment, staff and services: your re-map comes with a lifetime warranty and in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the change to your vehicle – we can put your ECU back to manufacturer settings.

• Lifetime Warranty on the remap itself

TopGear Tuning is leading the way in engine re-mapping, setting new high standards in the re-map and tuning industry. We use the latest state of the art tuning equipment and the latest in software development.

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